About NaturInstinkt

Would you like to learn primitive arts?                                         Would you like to see more animals and get closer to them? Join us for a weekend or a week long programme. My name is Pontus Dowchan. I started up NaturInstinkt to facilitate the sharing of Nature skills. Instructors at NaturInstinkt have one thing in common and it is a strong connection to nature and have spent years of practice in their field, be it plant knowledge, tracking animal, subarctic survival skills or tanning hides.

As a 8 year old I loved roaming the countryside with other children from the village. We would wander the edges of the village check out if the apples were ripe or if the blackberries had turned sweet. Later in my life I found that the whole landscape is full of resources. A wander today brings wildedibles and other stories back to my home.

In these days I want children to reconnect to nature, adults to learn the skills which have held our ancestors alive for so long. I belive that if we learn from everchanging Nature, we can better cope with changes that happen in environment, and in the human created landscapes. Some of the skills taught at NaturInstinkt are ancient and still they are very relevant in this ‘modern’ world.

Pontus Dowchan                                                                                         Founder, Facilitator.






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