Would you like to learn the bushcraft skills of the snowy landscape?

During this week we learn to live in Snow. You will build shelters from snow, you will melt snow to drink pinetea. The skiis and the snow will make it possible for you to travel across the landscape. The skills you will learn will make it possible for you to move in this landscape with a sense of safety. The knowing that you can take care of your self opens up this winterland for new experiences. This is a week where we drop into listening and observing nature during the frozen time of the year. What tracks have been made this morning? Where will tonights firewood come from?

No previous winter experience needed. A general good physique is required. If you can wander with your camping backpack for a full day collect firewood and build your own shelter in the woods summertime then you will be able to cope with this landscape.

 Topics covered:

  • Shelter building
  • Equipment choice
  • Skiing
  • Tracking
  • Firemaking. 
  • Watersafety
  • Campcraft
  • Nature awareness practices

Location: Ånn Sweden

Dates: March 2017 TBA

Cost: 6000 Swedish Crowns



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