Bialowieza Experience


The Bialowieza Forest is one of the last forests in Europe. Before I came I had a picture of what forests are like from being outdoors in Sweden. I did not know what a forest looks which has not been cut for a thousand years.

Bialowieza forest is a rolemodel forest. Here we travel to learn from its ancientness. We practice skills in this diverse and primeval forest. It shows us what a forest is like when humans dont cut down any trees in it.

Tracking. Here the Bison still live, Bisons who grazed all over Europe once. In this forest wolfpacks hunt and rest. We dont know what tracks will shows us a window into the animals activity. We dont know if the fox or the racoondog will give us a new mystery. One thing is for sure, we will go out and see if any tracks are there.

Wild foods. I was sitting under an oak tree one evening. Sitting still, waiting to see if the boar will show up. All around me I could hear the acorn drop through the leaves and branches of the trees. Acorns when processed create an amazing wild food. If the acorns are falling from sky, we will pick them and make food. We might pick mushrooms and other wildedibles which come in our way.

Stillness. Once a day we will go out to our place of stillness. Observing by being still has many lessons to teach. Nature sometimes puts on a show when we stop chasing it.

The Bialowieza Experience is hard to describe, as we go in there with a wish to learn from nature. We bring practices and tracking skills but what will exactly happen is hard to plan. Local guides will give us fresh information on where the Bison might be seen.

 There is no planned course for 2016, if you are interested in something like this drop me an email at



Topics which can show up during week:

  • Tracking,
  • Birdlanguage,
  • Tree wisdom,
  • Wild edibles.
  • Basketry,
  • Folklore.


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