Inner Fire Outer Fire


This autumn equinox program is a blend of bushcraft and soulcraft which takes you on a journey with the element fire. You will both explore the skills of firemaking and the fire which burns inside of you going back and forth between learning about practical fire skills and personal development through tracking inner processes.

At the end of the program you will be able to start a fire with the firesteel and by friction. You will know how to light fire quickly in a survival situation and how to tend a ceremonial fire. Song, story, poetry and ceremony will be weaved into your stay. Apart from being together in base camp there will also be alone time for reflection, leading up to a solo night out on the land.

Inner outer fire will increase the awareness of your inner landscape and nature leading to deeper connection to both.




Our venue Palmalyckan is located close the town of Hässleholm in the south of  Sweden. It is surrounded by mixed forest and meadows. A five minute walk takes you to the lakeside. The land is shared with among others fox, deer, moose, red kite and osprey.




Lien De Coster and Pontus Dowchan (Naturinstinkt) met each other staffing at the 8 shields Art of Mentoring program in Scotland. Since then they have been holding nature awareness programs and social permaculture courses together. They like to spend time whittling bow drill kits and tracking otter in the snow. Inspired by earth based philosophies and each other’s skills they decided to co-create programs blending soulcraft and bushcraft.  


Dates:        October 25th to October 30th 2016






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